Our company has over 45 years of experience in engineering of steel structures and we have installed buildings around the world. Our superior engineering ensures our customers’ complete satisfaction and the durability of their structures.
The MegaDome truss arches are made from oval tubing, stronger than round tubing. It also provides a wide, flat surface for superior welding and a stronger assembly. Straight bracing joins the top and bottom chord for unparalleled strength.
The bronze-silicon welding we use on our pre-galvanized buildings combines good welding performance and corrosion resistance, without the need to apply zinc paint. The corrosion protection of MegaDome is complete.

Fabric Covered Steel Structures

MegaDome® membrane covered steel structures only uses the highest quality polyethylene PowerShield® fabrics. Perfectly waterproof, they provide protection to the goods and activities they cover. Backed by one of the best warranties on the market, PowerShield fabrics turn our steel structures from ordinary to extraordinary.


Types of membrane

PowerShield® fabrics are manufactured with the latest technology in polymers.

Polyethylene fabric:

The PowerShield® polyethylene membranes are UV stabilized. When required by the building codes, such as for public applications, a fire retardant fabric is also available. Our membranes have a grab tensile strength of 350 lbs as tested per ASTM D-5034-95, and meet the following UV and flame resistance standards: NFPA 701-1989 (large scale) and 1996 (tests 1 & 2), CAN/ULC S109-M87 (small and large scale), CAN/ULC S102-03, ASTM E84-00a(Class 1) and UBC31-1, California Fire Marshall ( FA-51403).  

pdfRegular Membrane Data Sheet (rev. 04/2014)              pdfFire Retardant Data Sheet (rev. 04/2014)  


Triple coating protection

membrane tripleProtection en

The outside layer is made of colored high density polyethylene (HDPE) material that forms a waterproof barrier against the elements. The white or clear underside coating is made out of the same HDPE material. Its reflective nature contributes to the bright environment that makes these buildings so popular. The core is made of woven HDPE scrim using natural or black, UV-treated, 1600 denier tapes. It creates a strong, armored core that confers the strength and elasticity to the membrane in all directions. The clear mesh will let natural light shine through whereas the black will block light completely, which is sometimes a benefit for specific applications.

Total coated weight of PowerShield® polyethylene membranes is 12 oz/sy +/- 5% and they are 0.23 mils (0.59 mm) thick.



PowerShield® membranes come in 6 standard colors. The most popular is the white, which is available as regular and fire retardant. Green, blue and sand are also offered in both regular and fire retardant. Red and grey are only available as regular membranes. The green and grey membranes feature a black scrim, which blocks natural light. The rest all let natural sunlight shine through.

membrane colors


Roof membrane design

The PowerShield material comes in large rolls of various widths and colors. The building’s membranes are assembled by a hot welding process as one-piece covers by our skilled crew in our own membrane shop. Strict quality controls of thickness, strength of welding and color uniformity are performed regularly through the production process to ensure consistency and quality of the final cover. All MegaDome® membranes have welded seams that achieve a minimum strength equal to the original, unwelded membrane material. Welded joints are done according to CSA S367-12 standard, section 5.



MegaDome® offers the best warranty on the market. All roof covers come with a full, 100% coverage on the first 2 years against defect in quality or workmanship as a result of design, manufacture, or installation. Then the warranty is pro-rated based on color, type of fabric and zone of construction.

Warranty registration:

It is important to stress that warranty is entirely dependent on the fact that the building and the cover were installed appropriately and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A warranty registration package is sent with all buildings. The procedure involves documenting the installation and general state of the MegaDome®, after construction, with pictures that are sent to our head office (either by mail or digitally). These pictures will then be reviewed by our Quality Inspector, to validate the installation and confirm the building’s structural integrity. This will ensure the building will perform as expected. Proper maintenance must be done yearly to ensure integrity of the building, as outlined in the MegaDome Owner’s Manual. For a free copy, please contact us.


A brand new MegaDome for Armand Malo Inc.

“I chose a MegaDome®, for its brightness and its low price”, says Armand Malo’s director, Frederic Malo. His company manufactures and sells wooden floors and just bought a MegaDome XP 70 X 100. This infrastructure will be used to store and preserve the quality of the wood stocks. By choosing MegaDo...

MegaDome built a new copper storage building for Vale

This is exactly what was done, when Vale, a global mining leader, issued a tender for a 5-year contract to design/build/manage a new 20,000 ft2 Copper Concentrate storage facility for their Clarabelle Mill in Copper Cliff, ON.  They invited a number of contractors, including William Day Const...

MegaDome helps Tolko / Pinnacle realize a cost-effective pellet plant in Lavington, BC!

Pinnacle and Tolko launch new pellet plant in Lavington, BC January 15, 2015 LAVINGTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA—after receiving all necessary approvals, Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group launched the construction of new pellet plant in Lavington, adjacent to the Tolko sawmill. The contract for the constr...

Simplified Composting with MegaDome Fabric Buildings

Megadome has been involved in waste management and recycling projects for over 15 years.  We have worked on several operations where going with a MegaDome-quality fabric building was a sound business solution, both from a financial and a logistics stand point.


CORROSION #5: Is your corrosion protection just a cover-up?

In a previous blog post, we discussed the fact that we can slow down the corrosion process with anodic and cathodic protection, or even with a combination of both such as with the MegaDome exclusive zinc/nickel fasteners.



Sports & Recreation, Skating Rink (Lac-des-Écorces)

The Lac-des-Écorces municipality was in search of a solution that would allow our citizens to enjoy winter activities despite the more and more common bad weather conditions seen in Quebec.

Waste Recycling biomass, Ian Moncrieff

"Canadian Biofuel Inc. was looking for a cost effective and practical solution for its start-up plant in Springford Ontario. Located on a former grain handling facility, we were able to utilize the asphalt pad as the base for the MegaDome® building. The building contractor was quick and efficient and we were able to begin fabrication of the feedstock storage area and the pellet production line room under the new dome. The fabric cover provides great lighting and weather protection, more than enough ceiling height. All of this for a reasonable cost and on time completion. Due to an increase in export of our pellet products we will be expanding the existing building by adding another 54 feet to one end in order to store enough feedstock. We certainly look forward to use a MegaDome® again soon!"

Sports & Recreation, Rejean Guay

As mayor of the small town of Rivière-Héva, with about 1,300 inhabitants, we do not have the means to own a conventional skating ring. MegaDome® offers an alternative with major benefits such as almost zero maintenance costs and extremely easy annual maintenance.

Commercial Storage, Thompson Marina

The MegaDome ® is a trademark recognized as Frigidaire: we do not say a dome, we say a MegaDome ®! Bright and highly functional, we have everything to gain with MegaDome ® which also offers highly personalized service. In terms of customer service, I am not able to comment because we have almost never used it! There is simply no fault, we love the product!

Riding arena, Jesse James

The building of our arena project was completed in October of last year and has been in use ever since. Lots of people have come by just for a look as well as the usual flow of friends and business associates. Many of those have remarked on the "beautiful building". Previously, I never thought of a covered arena as beautiful, but I must agree with them.

Personal Storage, Allen Paul

It was always a dream to have my own hangar to store gliders and equipment out of the weather and when I saw what a MegaDome® building could provide, I thought it was time to turn that dream into reality. I was looking for a bright clear span functional low maintenance facility that could be relocated if necessary. The gothic featured roofline was pleasing to the eye and the almost vertical sidewall profile meant that I would be able to make great use of the floor space. Once that space was full, I had the option of storing additional gliders above floor level using simple hoists running from the building arches. Furthermore the design was easily adaptable to a variety of large entrance doors to facilitate moving equipment in and out.

Equine, Francine Matte

We are completely satisfied, especially as we got from our distributor the exact outcome he had promised! Our MegaDome ® allows us to work in a very bright environment while having the opportunity to go horseback riding, which gives children (and ourselves!) fun times with the horses!

Bulk Storage, Groupe Lechasseur

We were looking for a storage solution when we met Les Toiles du Bas-St-Laurent, authorized distributor of MegaDome ®. We were wisely advised by our sale representative and we gathered testimonials from other MegaDome® clients, which convinced us to buy the product!

Commercial Storage, DCR Logistic

In terms of value for money, a MegaDome® offers much more than other buildings! We are particularly pleased with the MegaDome® cold storage solution: the interior is not any more humid than normal, while rain and wind control is total. The MegaDome® structure offers a spacious work area, which greatly facilitates the organization of the stored material. We like the exterior look and the city regulations does not prevent us from building additional domes.

Commercial, Charrette Industries

Being located in Rouyn-Noranda, we already knew MegaDome ® was a good product: it's everywhere!

Agricultural Storage, Venturing Hills Farm

Our MegaDome® structure is pretty perfect and simply a good match. We just love the accessible storage space and high roof

Agriculture & Livestock, Dairy, Don Williams

I am extremely impressed with our MegaDome® and would recommend it to anyone! We wanted the best value and when looking for a suitable structure, no one else seems to do better on price and still supply what we wanted. To be honest this was the only building that Ken Tulloch suggested that would work for what we needed. One of the cheaper buildings may have worked, however we wanted the best value.
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